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Chad McCollester, AFM (Accredited Farm Manager)
Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Iowa

     Agri-Valley Farm Management, LLC offers professional Farm Management and Farm Real Estate Services for clients throughout the state of Iowa.


     Farmland is a very precious asset, but often the income potential is not fully realized due to relaxed or outdated management practices.  Having grown up on a small family farm in southwest Iowa, I understand the importance of the family farm to the landowner.  The emotional ties to the farm are extremely strong, as they should be. 


     However, there should be no reason why those same emotional ties should limit the profitability of your most cherished asset.  Agri-Valley Farm Management, LLC can help you maximize the profit potential of your farm and help you reach your specific ownership goals. 


Farm Management Services Include:

  • Determining ownership goals.
  • Selecting type of property lease to meet the desired results.

  • Tenant selection.

  • Negotiating farm leases.

  • Developing an annual cash flow budget.

  • Paying bills and collecting income.

  • Farm input selection & purchasing.

  • Preparation of crop plans.

  • Regular farm visits & farm reporting.

  • Ensuring proper insurance coverage.

  • Soil conservation planning.

  • Crop marketing.

  • Providing accurate complete accounting statements.

  • Analyzing & supervising capital improvements.

  • Administration of government farm programs.

  • Maximizing your farm income.

Does Farm Management Pay?

     Professional farm management pays in several different ways. Typically, our clients will receive more income over the term of their farm management relationship. However, farm management services also give our clients a peace of mind that a professional is involved.

Here are some other examples where farm management services from Agri-Valley Farm Management will benefit you: 

  • Greater farm input discounts due to a larger purchasing volume.

  • Improved marketing prices in the sale of your commodities.

  • Timely communication with the landowner.

  • Regular financial reports.

  • A professional manager that is aware of the current technology trends in today’s agricultural environment.

  • Possible tax advantages from utilizing farm management services for your property.

Potential Farm Management Customers

  • Retired farmers or former farm families.

  • Investors or professionals with wildlife interests or people looking to diversify their investment portfolios.

  • Trusts and estates.

  • Non-profit organizations, historical societies, churches, wildlife organizations.

  • State and local agencies and municipalities- DNR, MUD, universities and colleges.

  • Absentee landowners that still feel a strong tie to the family farm.

Reasons To Consider Farm Management 

  • Earn more income from your property- farm management can increase & stabilize farm income.

  • Remove the work and worry of land ownership.

  • Investors use farm managers to develop asset management strategies to build wealth and reduce tax liabilities.

  • Investors also utilize farm manager’s expertise to evaluate and purchase the right farm investment alternative.


     Agri-Valley Farm Management, LLC specializes in the sale of agricultural properties.  Our land sales have yielded significantly higher results than current market values due to our attention to detail.  If you are looking for a professional that will take care of the details and return the highest possible dollar on the sale or purchase of your next property, look no further. 

     All real estate sold or purchased is closely evaluated prior to the listing of the property for sale, or the submission of a written offer to purchase.  The subject property is put through an extensive financial analysis to determine if it will meet the needs of our client in the years to come. 

As Your Broker, We Will Assist You As Follows

  • Helping our client identify their goals as a buyer or seller.

  • Locating the type of property that our client is looking for.

  • Advertising (at our expense) a farm that is listed for sale.

  • Use unique marketing tools to quickly sell a property at a price that is satisfactory to our client

  • A 1031 “Like Kind” exchange.

  • Preparation of a complete sales brochure.

  • Showing the property that is for sale, or assist our client when inspecting a property for possible purchase.

  • Handling all details through the close of the sale.

  • Close communication with your accountant and attorney, or other parties that may be involved in the real estate transaction.

  • Representation that is in the best interest of our client.

  • Adherence to all laws, regulations, and exhibit ethical behavior at all times during the real estate transaction.

     Our real estate commission rates are extremely competitive within the industry, so if you are looking to sell a parcel of land give Agri-Valley Farm Management, LLC a call.  Agri-Valley Farm Management, LLC believes that our greatest strength is the ability to personalize our service to meet any need that a current or prospective client may have.  Communication is paramount to the success of any relationship, and a farm management or real estate broker relationship is no different.